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Red Tie Riot's submission for the 2017 Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam! 

A flying game, strafe to avoid crashing and collect gems to get a high score... simple, right? Nope! In accordance with the theme of Downwell's Dual Purpose Design, strafing causes obstacles to rotate... how inconvenient! Fortunately there's a handy spacebar which freezes your own position while allowing obstacles to rotate... Shame it also drains score. AND ALSO CHARGES YOUR CANNON AWWWW YEEEE-


Design and development by Jack Sweet. Music created by Peter Flint and Harry Overend. Check them out on SoundCloud, they make awesome stuff!



Thank you for taking the time to look at our submission! By the way, watch out for antivirus stopping the game from launching. Guess someone in the past deployed malicious software using UE and now no hobbyist dev is allowed any fun at all...

Game developed using Unreal Engine 4.16, Blender and GIMP 2.0. Music developed using Ableton 9.

Install instructions

Extract files 

PAUSE YOUR ANTIVIRUS. Avast in particular will outright delete game files

Run the .exe!


RoTunnel.zip 74 MB

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